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  • my sister's friend met u please come back to Dover one day I REALY WANT MEET U ITS MY DREAM

    Oscar BowmanOscar Bowmanпреди 28 дни

    Oscar BowmanOscar Bowmanпреди 28 дни
  • Vik play the King mode if you want see more Really desapoint there ...........

    Theodor KalaritisTheodor Kalaritisпреди месец
  • swear vikk has literally every gun ranked up to the max immediately, i'd love to see how many hours he's spent on cod haha

    Ethan LeahyEthan Leahyпреди месец
  • quits for like a day lmao

    Ethan LeahyEthan Leahyпреди месец
  • Is the C4 back to regular throwing distance ?

    Alvin VillegasAlvin Villegasпреди месец
  • Vikk landing on that car is the definition of “LEEEEETS DOOOO THIIISSSSS”

    Caio BalbinoCaio Balbinoпреди месец
  • Vik is pog

    Snowball CarrotSnowball Carrotпреди месец
  • I love these streams how are you so good 😂

    LöganLöganпреди месец
  • Nice game

    Mr BåBÂMr BåBÂпреди месец
  • S

    ツethanツethanпреди месец
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    Imogen PhillipsImogen Phillipsпреди месец
  • 6:15 DIT IS NIET NORMAAL HEE ' dutch guy haha'

    MarkMarkпреди месец
  • Vikk buddy. You can get more subs than you in a few years. Many people have. There's 39% more of the current world population using internet now compared to when you joined and the population has increased by close to a billion

    DoubleTapThatDottyDoubleTapThatDottyпреди месец
  • Very exciting it is

  • There's a video in this advert

    Rassen KriegRassen Kriegпреди месец
  • The game is done. They can’t even fill lobbies. The hacks and lack of addressing it has killed the game

    Kyle CoatesKyle Coatesпреди месец
  • Good to see some British warzone content

    Cpt.StealthCpt.Stealthпреди месец
  • Vikk must of make a killing from this video which is 3 hours and 14 ads

    Cpt.StealthCpt.Stealthпреди месец
    • No adds if you have youtube premium, i love it.

      Dennis KoekoekDennis Koekoekпреди месец
  • The vigorous psychology concurrently muddle because servant postsurgically fry through a stingy cheque. glistening glorious, malicious yacht

    Ora AndrewsOra Andrewsпреди месец
  • Niceeeee Vicki👍😉

    Jed TaylorJed Taylorпреди месец
  • But YOU ARE USING IT so why others can’t cheat? You might be good on moving etc but you definitely cheat like ALL THE OTHER STREAMERS . I mean is thanks to you guys that people cheats ‘cause normal ppl don’t know if they improved playing against you cheater streamers. Nobody is pushing at you like you streamers do. In one year I never saw that. How come? EXPLANATION PLEASE .

    Nus AliaNus Aliaпреди месец
  • Go subscribe to jay123 nay

    Jackson RollingsJackson Rollingsпреди месец
  • Watch @bernaboy27 for good gameplay too, channel just started up so please like.

    TubzyyyTubzyyyпреди месец
  • I hate you sm

    Fnaf GhostFnaf Ghostпреди месец
  • I hate you

    Fnaf GhostFnaf Ghostпреди месец
  • I hate you

    Fnaf GhostFnaf Ghostпреди месец
  • 31:03 someone please take out the sh and put it on jj's reddit

    Barking & Dag Drill MediaBarking & Dag Drill Mediaпреди месец
  • you can reconnect on pubg

    LackyLackyпреди месец
  • He said he quit... true fans know he wouldn't

    Zayan BhattiZayan Bhattiпреди месец
  • I still can't speak enough on 99trojanforce on instagram after unbanning my account permanently.... He's genius

    big teebig teeпреди месец
  • Vikk is the only person I can watch playing video games. Literally everyone else is an egotistical loser about online video games. Everyone else.

    Fatal Shot GamingFatal Shot Gamingпреди месец
    • StoneMountain64 is pretty cool

      Jesse De BruinJesse De Bruinпреди месец
  • Vik be like -_・)ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏

    Big Toenails • 9 years agoBig Toenails • 9 years agoпреди месец
  • I cant wait to download warzone on my ps4!!

    TyranZoTyranZoпреди месец
  • sometimes I just put ur vids on background play and use it as a podcast look🤣🤣

    Logan BennLogan Bennпреди месец
  • Still BROKE AF this will be the case until treyarch are done with the new map and raven software stop doing the updates

    Josh CundiffJosh Cundiffпреди месец
  • woiii

  • I just saw this cheat on BadBoyBeaman and can't believe he's back again to try fooling his followers. The hacker is YOU!

    Dan HubDan Hubпреди месец
    • @Litstar Are you a cat?

      Dan HubDan Hubпреди месец
    • Are you on benefits?

      LitstarLitstarпреди месец
  • "I haven't run in to any hackers" "well I ran in to some the other day" "Jackfrags had 3 the other day". Why lie? Just admit you get better views with WZ man.

    Clarky *Clarky *преди месец
    • I still can't speak enough on 99trojanforce on instagram after unbanning my account permanently.... He's genius

      big teebig teeпреди месец
    • @Ralph Ogden So it's ok to be a hypocrite? Seems there's a lot who don't like sell outs.

      Clarky *Clarky *преди месец
    • No one cares honestly everyone’s just glad he’s still playing warzone

      Ralph OgdenRalph Ogdenпреди месец
  • warsz legit says nothing lol

    JayDeeJayDeeпреди месец
  • Reserve booster. You are a fu....ing Reserve booster!!!! You should be ashamed of yourself

    Mr. GMr. Gпреди месец
  • ‘I’m quitting warzone’ ‘Are the cheaters gone? Let’s play’ Pathetic

    tomojobstomojobsпреди месец
    • Shhhhh

      Connor SimoConnor Simoпреди месец
  • 17:35 nice aimbot!!!!

    vlad Anghelvlad Anghelпреди месец
    • @K0j0 1308 i'm not mad 😂😂😂 bro

      vlad Anghelvlad Anghelпреди месец
    • He’s just good at the game bro don’t b mad😂

      K0j0 1308K0j0 1308преди месец
  • Vik use the m16 and tell us the load out

    bob bobbybob bobbyпреди месец
  • Vikkstar you should play some Far-cry and Destiny sometime in the future.😜

    Tagg AustinTagg Austinпреди месец
  • keep playing warzone please!!

    fenton_ sam_1fenton_ sam_1преди месец
  • This is the problem with warzone, look how sweaty he gets

    Xearty 1Xearty 1преди месец
  • Quits warzone.. literally back less that 2 weeks later

    The Raging SnipesThe Raging Snipesпреди месец
    • @The Raging Snipes he diddnt said he was gonna quit forever lets get real here when u get mad at game and unninstall dont u install it 2days later? 😂😂

      Paladad ➐Paladad ➐преди месец
    • I mean he is a cod partner so they probably told him you can’t just not play and promote it anymore lol

      JustGamerzJustGamerzпреди месец
    • @DoubleTapThatDotty in now way is my post negative unlike yours. Grow up

      The Raging SnipesThe Raging Snipesпреди месец
    • @The Raging Snipes people quit smoking and drinking for a week or so and then start again. Gaming is his addiction. He can do want he wants just enjoy the content you melt

      DoubleTapThatDottyDoubleTapThatDottyпреди месец
    • @The Raging Snipes he did quit. And then he came back. People quit and rejoin games, sometimes after a while, sometimes only for a short time. He literally doesn’t care about the views half the time, he has sufficient money + revenue most of the time. He said he quit, and then he decided to return to a game he enjoys, there’s no issues with that.

      BlueStitchGamingBlueStitchGamingпреди месец
  • 52:01

    GuyGuyпреди месец
  • No hate but always feel like you have got a hack somewhere in your masterclass but its probably you being a beast keep it up ❤👊

    Alfie WincottAlfie Wincottпреди месец
  • That didn't last very long then

    FHDFHDпреди месец
  • #stopvikkabuse

    Louie Culham - _-Louie Culham - _-преди месец
  • what does it take for a 13 year old kid who hasn't held a toy controller nor knows how the wasd works to be as good as Vik?

    Joe MattJoe Mattпреди месец
  • Normal There is tons of hacker in GTA 5 online.

    不给糖就捣蛋不给糖就捣蛋преди месец
  • Wait he plays on a mac?

    George ForemanGeorge Foremanпреди месец
    • No idiot a mac10

      Theo MogfordTheo Mogfordпреди месец
  • When u realise WZ is your best income 😂

    UK CarpingUK Carpingпреди месец
  • any1 knows his latest game settings?

    Rif DingoRif Dingoпреди месец
  • bgbuild.info/door/video/sJqulaR-jnCxy60.html

    Illah FleshIllah Fleshпреди месец
  • nannan

    acco1 tafacco1 tafпреди месец
  • Who else sang along at 54:46

    TubzyyyTubzyyyпреди месец
  • what scope does he use on his ar it’s so good

    Dxrk_ThomasDxrk_Thomasпреди месец
    • 3x optic i think maybe 2x

      Oliver LakeOliver Lakeпреди месец
  • Hallo

    Elif udpdld YildizElif udpdld Yildizпреди месец
  • Fucking cheaters game

    Black JackBlack Jackпреди месец
  • Yes! He’s back

    Zach LeeZach Leeпреди месец
  • Bart is actually cracked 🤯

    Rer •7Rer •7преди месец
  • League play is like if every pound Elon musk has there is a hacker

    Great BritainGreat Britainпреди месец
  • jeeez vik abit expensive to play with you with all your buy backs, stick with the team lad

    Mitchell uaongoMitchell uaongoпреди месец
  • Morrrreeeee coddd

    Hasan AhmedHasan Ahmedпреди месец
  • We have the king of Coke, warzone being fat, lankyness , grey hairs, gym and apple juice on the sdmn

    Kawazzie 123Kawazzie 123преди месец
  • Love how there are not many ads on vikks channel as opposed to others smh

    Your Daily AssistantYour Daily Assistantпреди месец
  • nope, they are still here

    Bcat BBBcat BBпреди месец
  • Vik should try Titanfall 2, might revive the game 😁

    GabraGabraпреди месец
    • :/

      GuyGuyпреди месец
  • Vikkstar always wears the same skin 😂

    krish jangakrish jangaпреди месец
  • 53:00

    Kernow YeoKernow Yeoпреди месец
  • Nobody: Fifa: Found now downed

    Sam ColdicottSam Coldicottпреди месец
  • All the hackers lost power in Texas

    Shreyas SarideShreyas Sarideпреди месец
    • Lmaooo!

      Are U Not EmbarrazzzedAre U Not Embarrazzzedпреди месец
  • This is so funny I just got a hacking AD on cod

    EnyvyzEnyvyzпреди месец
  • wait why is vik using the old mac 10 instead of gallantry?? i’m confused

    Dhiaan1904 _Dhiaan1904 _преди месец
    • @IFB but gallantry is better than normal mac 10

      Dhiaan1904 _Dhiaan1904 _преди месец
    • theyre the exact same gun

      IFBIFBпреди месец
  • yes vik! we love to see warzone. please keep playing the game!

    Dhiaan1904 _Dhiaan1904 _преди месец
  • I stopped watching u when u played fortnite, and when i realised u play warzone i started again. Keep it up vikk❤👍

    Joakim HermansenJoakim Hermansenпреди месец
  • "I qUiT WArzOnE"

    Baris AkdoganBaris Akdoganпреди месец
  • The dream team loved the vid with u and the guys

    Alex SmithAlex Smithпреди месец
  • Difference between vikk and I he scopes in before turning around an exit door to find people... I would have jumped out the doorway and do a 360 to scan

    K1NG DReDaYK1NG DReDaYпреди месец
  • are there still cheaters in groundwar

    Michael.DMichael.Dпреди месец
  • Could have sworn there was a article saying he was never playing warzone again?

    Cpk19Cpk19преди месец
    • @Rhythm Pun which barely made a dent

      HyPe DanHyPe Danпреди месец
    • Yh he said he was quitting warzone cah of all of the hackers but then activist of did suttin

      Rhythm PunRhythm Punпреди месец
  • We just love to see it

    Blake ParkinsonBlake Parkinsonпреди месец
  • No they are not gone last night was terrible worst ive seen it for awhile.

    CHADW1NCHADW1Nпреди месец
  • You are not nice vikk promises to Tommy or i'll dare you in a prison until you're getting oldest

    Muhammad Farhan Anwar FaqihMuhammad Farhan Anwar Faqihпреди месец
  • They are absolutely fucking not gone

    TheRealSlimJediTheRealSlimJediпреди месец
  • 2:06:56

    FizzyyyFizzyyyпреди месец
  • 3:20 keep watching and watch what camo he unlocks

    108 lex108 lexпреди месец
    • Owo

      TheRealSlimJediTheRealSlimJediпреди месец
  • Vikk theres a cheat that gives them ALL camos and attachments

    Charlotte AveryCharlotte Averyпреди месец
  • Hacker1:thought he quit Hacker2:you know what to do call on de hackers

    Wither RiderrWither Riderrпреди месец
  • Vik the sidemen should do fear factor

    Ivan HuynhIvan Huynhпреди месец
  • bgbuild.info/door/video/b3uWiKlvqqKBsXs.html

    weedmanweedmanпреди месец
  • bgbuild.info/door/video/b3uWiKlvqqKBsXs.html

    weedmanweedmanпреди месец

    CosmicCosmicпреди месец
  • Who would wanna see vikk do team challenges on warzone again like team cross bow, team pistol

    Callum LewisCallum Lewisпреди месец